About Us

A Commitment to Excellence

At Display Manufacturing, we're a family-owned business that takes a personalized approach to every project we take on. When it comes to your consultation, we'll talk to you one-on-one and in person to discuss your needs.

Quality Products

By using quality materials, we create quality products. It is a delight to see raw material turn into a gorgeous, finished product. Since all our projects are custom, there is variety to our work. Our priority is ensuring you're satisfaction.

A Talented Staff

Every employee receives a valuable skill through training, so if they choose to leave, they'll be able to continue to succeed with what we've taught them. We cross train all of our employees, so they'll know how to not only work the machines and process, but know how to build cabinets and displays.

Creating Your Designs

Handling orders that range from a single unit to large quantities, no job is too small or too large for us. If you have an idea you’d like to develop, our skilled design staff can create it for you on a 3D CAD program with visuals, so you can review it as often as necessary before production. Many of our designs have been proven in the field over a long period for a number of reliable firms, so you can feel confident that we can meet your every display need.

Industries We've Built For

Along with serving retail businesses, we have created counters and cabinets for customer service areas, child care, administrations, bakeries, food courts, coffee houses, and even employee lounges. You have an idea for something or need another example, just ask!

What You Can Expect

You'll receive a quick response to any of your requests. All written estimates and production schedules come prepared for your approval. We'll meet with you and other members of your firm to help define the project, answer questions, and satisfy your needs in every respect, including esthetic, practical, budgetary, and timing requirements.

Contact us at (844) 325-1566 in Everett, Washington, to find out more about the commercial cabinets and displays we'll custom make just for your business.